Impact Results

British Columbia Commuter Challenge participants made a real impact!

The Commuter Challenge is all about having fun while making a difference. Here’s how the community of British Columbia made an impact in 2016.

The average commuter in Canada emits 50KG of CO2 per week.

Last years Commuter Challege44,305KG of CO2 was avoided by BC commuters.

297,379KM in total was travelled by BC participants in 2016.

The average commute to work is about 17KM in Canada.

317 workplaces registered and completed in 2016.

2819 registered individuals participated in the Commuter Challenge BC.

50% of Canadians don't get enough exercise.

In BC, we burned a collective of 2,642,727 calories. Way to go!

Participants in the Commuter Challenge saved 22,657L of fuel in BC.

Everyday across BC 2,758,871L litres of petrol are sold.

Commuter Challenge 2016

in numbers

blank Workplaces Invovled Participants Distance Travelled Carbon Dioxide Saved
BC 317 2819 297,379KM 44,305KG
Canada 1,397 16,554 1,624,580KM 250,681KG

Commuter Challenge

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