Meet Multi-Modalist Laura!


My name is Laura and I am a multi-modalist! I gave up my car when I moved from Ontario to BC in November 2015. I often think to myself about how happy I am to be so free while saving on my transportation costs, reducing my environmental footprint, and living a more healthy and active lifestyle all because I am no longer car dependent!

A typical day for me usually looks something like this:

I walk to 4th Ave in Kits to grab the 4 or the 7 bus to take me to East Van every morning for work. It’s busy at first but I love the long transit ride for listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and sometimes guided meditations. Once I get off the bus at Clark I have a 10 minute walk to my office.

After work I often carpool in a car share to downtown Vancouver and hop on a Mobi bike to quickly get across the Burrard bridge and back to my favourite bike share station at 7th and Cypress. Other times I carpool with my coworker to Commercial and Broadway and grab the 99 B-line to Granville and walk the rest of the way to Kits for some fresh air.

Many evenings I like to go to the beach of the gym by just grabbing a Mobi heading to Arbutus and McNicoll or 7th and Granville. No matter the place, I love mixing up my journey with walking, bike sharing, transiting, and the occasional car share (I’m a member of Evo, car2go and Modo for all the options!) to keep my multi-modal adventures going.

Best, Laura